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Company Background

Shengzhou Gold lion spring machine co.,ltd(Branch: Zhejiang ChuangYu Machinery co.,ltd) located in the east of Zhejiang province, lies to the south of Hangzhou and the west of Ningbo, belongs to the Yangtze Delta Economic Development Zone. It covers an area of 68000 square meters, has 380 employee, and own development research center. 
The company introduced multi-axis technology from Germany and Japan, and cooperated with universities and research institutes to develop more than 30 patented technologies, continuously improving the degree of automation, allowing users to operate high-precision springs as simple as possible, even if winding complex springs. Formed once, no additional processing is required.
Its products have the characteristics of “fast, precise, stable, reliable, and easy to operate”.

Main Products

Quick adjustment, precise and accurate, stable and reliable, easy to operate

CK960 CNC Spring Making Machine

On the basis of digesting and absorbing international advanced technology, the company's professional design team has carried out major innovations, increased functions, and higher automation. There are 9 sets of servo motor systems.

CK6230 Spring Making Machine

The gear transmission, lever structure and cam structure of the traditional 5-axis reduction mechanism are completely abandoned, and the high-intensity imported ball screw is directly driven by the servo motor to push the spring pin slide.

CNC12100 Camless CNC Spring Rotating Forming Machine

It is suitable for the production of various types of compression springs, rectangular springs, steel spiral coil springs, tower springs, double torsion springs, flat springs and other high-profile shaped springs, which greatly increases the processing range of springs.

Spring Grinding Machine

The feed rate can be automatically adjusted according to the spring pressure. It has fine grinding performance and grinding wheel compensation function suitable for spring characteristics. It can be ground by manual or automatic feed.

Machining Center

The company has a number of advanced automated production lines, and the precision that can be achieved in the production process is among the best in the industry.

Efficient, fast and orderly modern management, keeping engineering errors to a minimum, ensuring the excellent quality of products and providing satisfactory services to customers.

Taking the customer's demand as the driving force, we will create a first-class product, with zero defects as the standard for evaluating quality results, and will not accept defective products or manufacture defective products. Dissatisfied with the status quo, always think about better ways. The pursuit of product quality is not just to do the best, but to do better.

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Our Application

Introduced multi-axis technology from Germany and Japan, and cooperated with universities and research institutes to develop more than 30 patent technologies.

Intelligent Spring Forming Machine

Now the head office specializes in manufacturing CNC spring machine and CNC spring machine with wire diameter between φ 0.1mm~φ 23mm. It specializes in the production of spring machinery such as automatic coil spring machine, torsion spring machine, straightening machine and tempering furnace. device.



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Shengzhou Gold lion spring machine co.,ltd

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